Thank you, to all my supporters who traveled with me on this amazing journey.
I am thrilled to be able to make this announcement, “Memory Is Our Home” was published by ibidem- Verlag, academic press, April 2015.

EU edition: 978 3 8382 0682 0
US edition: 978 3 8382 0702 5

Available in Book or eBook

holocaust-WWII-memoirspamiec jest naszym domem












Order via Amazon or Columbia

Bulk sales 5 copies up
email sales rep at Columbia University Press: Corey Beebe,, or


EU: from Ibidem Press
Ibidem Press order page

For sales in Europe and or commercial terms contact: or at Ibidem Press



POLIN Museum Bookstore in Warsaw has Memory is Our Home
Contact via email:

Polish version of the book, published in Poland, May 2016, “Pamięć Jest Naszym Domem”


To email the author, Suzanna Eibuszyc

suzanna_eibuszyc  [at]  yahoo  [dot]  com


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