Thank you, to all my supporters who traveled with me on this amazing journey.
I am thrilled to be able to make this announcement, “Memory Is Our Home” was published by ibidem- Verlag, academic press, April 2015.

EU edition: 978 3 8382 0682 0
US edition: 978 3 8382 0702 5

Available in Book or eBook

holocaust-WWII-memoirspamiec jest naszym domem












Order via Amazon or Columbia

Bulk sales 5 copies up
email sales rep at Columbia University Press: Corey Beebe,, or


EU: from Ibidem Press
Ibidem Press order page

For sales in Europe and or commercial terms contact: or at Ibidem Press



POLIN Museum Bookstore in Warsaw has Memory is Our Home

Polish version of the book, published in Poland, May 2016, “Pamięć Jest Naszym Domem”


To email the author, Suzanna Eibuszyc

suzanna_eibuszyc  [at]  yahoo  [dot]  com


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