From the very beginning I was very clear as to my vision. I wanted my book to be a teaching tool, educating future Gs. Produced May 2011. A 3G reads short passages from the book. Read by Yuval David, 3G. Working Title: Beshert, “Memory is Our Home”



Yuval, thank you for supporting my project. As a celebrated actor you boldly explore and present humanity in the roles you portray. Yuval David receives accolades for his work as an actor of film, television, and theatre.  Yuval is an active humanitarian and public speaker, supporting many causes. He is a 3G, a grandchild of well-known heroes and survivors of the Holocaust and World War II.  Thus, this project, Beshert Book, spoke to him and touched his heart. For more on Yuval, go to


New video, my author night at the library in Calabasas.




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