Explore my new podcast, living testimony of Jewish life. Loss and Remembering–Three Generations in Poland and Russia 1917-1960s with host Ari Barbalat. https://newbooksnetwork.com/memory-is-our-home


Shepherd – Discover the Best Books. Memory is Our Home, Eastern European Jewish History in the years 1918-1968, and the books I picked and why.   


Interview, Talk of the Town, WHHI-TV. 
Memoryisourhome.com captures the celebration of memory and history. Many times in my life I wanted to separate myself from my mother’s history, but I could not, I always come back, my conscience would not allow me to leave. #ElieWiesel was one of my professors at the Department of Jewish Studies at #CCNY, he made me realize the importance of Holocaust survivors’ stories. The First-hand accounts are living documents, told by real people about real life. On the backdrop of history, the first-hand accounts make a powerful tool. But it up to us & the future Gs’ to make sure those living documents, stay relevant.  January 28, 2021




GUEST at Rabbi Barbara radio program, talking about “Memory is Our Home”, the importance of sharing our history “from generation to generation.” her show, on air every Sunday morning from 8:30am – 9:30am, east coast time, as a podcast.
The Radio Rabbi, has been on air for 15 year, broadcasting to the local, national and international community. About Jewish culture and traditions from around the world. Rabbi Barbara, the first woman rabbi in Italy, begins her 11th year as Italy’s only modern, helping Italian families discover their Jewish heritage and pass it “from generation to generation.” Rabbi Barbara was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is the daughter of a liberator of the Buchenwald concentration camp.

 From the very beginning I was very clear as to my vision. I wanted my book to be a teaching tool, educating future Gs. Produced May 2011. A 3G reads short passages from the book. Read by Yuval David, 3G. Working Title: Beshert, “Memory is Our Home”



Yuval, thank you for supporting my project. As a celebrated actor you boldly explore and present humanity in the roles you portray. Yuval David receives accolades for his work as an actor of film, television, and theatre.  Yuval is an active humanitarian and public speaker, supporting many causes. He is a 3G, a grandchild of well-known heroes and survivors of the Holocaust and World War II.  Thus, this project, Beshert Book, spoke to him and touched his heart. For more on Yuval, go to YuvalDavid.com.


New video, my author night at the library in Calabasas.




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